Arctix Launch Dakota Project to Distribute 108,000 Winter Garments for Homeless

"Starting Immediately This Initiative Will Distribute Over 108,000 New Winter Garments Worth Over $5 Million to Qualifying Charities.

The launch of the Dakota Project is aimed at promoting comfort and warmth for the thousands of Americans sleeping on the streets and in shelters this winter season. Arctix, a premium outerwear brand, is donating over 108,000 new, high quality winter garments valued over $5 million that Zeldin Cares will help distribute to qualifying charities starting immediately.

These garments will include jackets, hats, gloves, and other items in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.The inspiration for the Dakota Project comes from Dakota Bruderman, the teenage daughter of Arctix Chairman, Matt Bruderman. With the launch of this unprecedented campaign, Arctix and Zeldin Cares will be utilizing a national network of qualified nonprofits to serve as distribution points for the donated outerwear. Those organizations can apply to receive winter outerwear at

“Lee and his team have been instrumental in helping to make the Dakota Project a reality, which means helping tens of thousands of people across the country. Zeldin Cares will be providing valuable assistance in creating a national network of organizations that will distribute this unprecedented donation of outerwear. I want to thank Lee Zeldin and his team for their tremendous commitment to this effort” said Matt Bruderman, Chairman of Arctix."

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