Are you Ready to Hit the Slopes? How to Dress for Your Next Ski Trip with Arctix

Arctix Winter Gear

It’s that time of year: when the mass exodus of folks heads to the wintery wonderlands of Vail, Gstaad, Aspen, or elsewhere to exhibit their athletic prowess on the slopes. Or, perhaps, their love for apres ski events. 

Regardless of what one’s intentions are for heading to the skiing capitals of the world, the truth is this: skiing trips take a ton of planning. Coordinating with family and booking resorts is always a hassle (unless you frequent the resorts and are cool with the managers), but the real pain comes from making sure you’ve packed properly.

An average wardrobe is not enough for an average ski trip. They’re not some leisurely affair where only wool winter coats and winter leather boots will do. This is indeed an athletic one, and you’ll need to make sure that the clothing you’ve packed is well-equipped for that. While the types of clothing you’ll need are pretty straightforward (layering galore!) you’ll want to pack winter gear that also boasts heat tech technology. Luckily for you, Arctix’s winter coats, winter pants, and underlayers are all forged with this in mind.

Below, we’ve outlined the basic guidelines for the perfect ski wardrobe, tailored to how you want to spend your vacation: 

Athletic warriors 

For the daredevils who are excited to hit the slopes as fast and as hard as possible, be sure you have garments that boast warmth and flexibility while keeping perspiration out. You don’t want to have to retreat into your resort in the midst of fun, do you? For men, keep your top half warm by donning our Performance Tundra Winter Jacket ($90 USD). There are 85 grams of lightweight ThermaTech insulation, so you’ll be nice and snug against temperatures ranging from -20° to +35°. The same goes for the women hitting the slopes. Our Women’s Daybreak – equipped with the same heat technology and hood – insulated Winter Jacket ($88 USD) does just the trick. Whether your youngsters are starting out with fun in mind, or the golden goal of being the next Bode Miller, you’ll need to keep them warm, too. Give them the athletic look in the Kids Shredder Insulated Jacket ($70 USD). 

When it comes to keeping your bottom half warm, heat tech pants are the way to go. And the best are often cargo-style, so you can keep your belongings, which may or may not include a few snacks) safe and dry. Consider these Cargo Insulated Pants ($55 USD) to wear on the way to the slopes. Opt for the Camo design for extra style points. For women, stay warm and protected from the elements Women’s Insulated Winter Pants ($55 USD). Kids want to have fun. Their clothes should reflect this, too. Put them in these Cargo Snow pants ($48 USD). 

And it’s best not to forget the details: accessories! You’ll want to have a few of our reflective ski goggles (adults $40 USD, kids $35 USD) to keep the sun out of your eyes and the snow off your face. After all, how’re you meant to hit the slopes if you can’t see them? You’ll probably also want to keep all of your fingers warm, so it’s best to have a set of new gloves handy. Whether it’s the first time on the slopes or not, kids will surely appreciate our Whiteout snow gloves ($30 USD) for both warmth and style. Be sure to check out the available patterns. For adults, be sure to choose a pair of gloves that are equipped with the proper grip. Luckily for you, our Men’s Snowcat Gloves ($35 USD) and Women’s Downhill Gloves ($35 USD) will do just the trick. 

Lounging By The Fire 

Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate or a hot toddy by the fire following a day spent on the slopes. After a long day of twists and turns, the evening is for rest and relaxation. You won’t need your heavy winter heat-tech pants or winter jackets here. An easy, light fleece jacket for men($40 USD) will keep you warm without you overheating. For women, why not hang out by the fire and reminisce about the day in our Quilted Equinox Vest ($50 USD) over a cozy set of winter base layers such as our women’s Dynamic Zip Top ($45 USD)? For men, both our Baselayer Crewneck top ($38 USD) and Dynamic Base Layer Pants ($35 USD) make post-shred relaxation that much better. 

Apres ski – fashionable 

It would be daft to think of ski trips as only athletic affairs. In fact, they are more of a social one if anything. This means the style is certainly a large factor in how you pack for your next trip. You don’t have to go crazy, of course, but a signature flair never hurts. While you’re catching up with friends, gossiping near the bar, or deciding who did the best on the slopes, adorn yourselves with stylish patterns and sleek attire. Take our Women’s Gondola Insulated Jacket ($108 USD), for example. Whether you’re taking this jacket out on the actual snow, or keeping it on to make it seem like you actually took it out, you’ll look chic. And, while warmth is important, style is forever. 

Men, on the other hand, can flex their athletic prowess while looking very, very cool in our Camo Ozark Pullover ($120 USD) or our Men’s Camo Tundra Jacket ($100 USD). For women who want to don a bit of camo, do not fret. Arctix is coming out of line very soon. 

Perhaps Arctix kids are having the most winter fun as their choices are boundless. Camo for the cool kids ($70 USD) who will also stay warm thanks to the coat’s heat tech. For kids with a more whimsical style, the Suncatcher Insulated Jacket is perfect ($75 USD). And for those with a bit of sass, why not the Jackalope Insulated Jacket ($55 USD) to match their energy?


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