Black Friday with Arctix: Save On Winter Gear From Coats to Gloves and More!

The Thanksgiving fiasco is no joke: weeks of planning, days of cooking, and hours of eating. Could it be that the annual holiday is more work than it is play? Regardless of the answer, the satisfying food coma which follows the feast is usually worth it. But, while most relish on the couch in overindulgence, skilled shoppers and discount connoisseurs know that the dust does not settle once the final plate from Thanksgiving dinner is polished and put away. In fact, it is only a signal for another showdown to come: Black Friday. 

While not officially recognized as a national holiday, Black Friday is nearly synonymous with American culture – a shared event that perhaps qualifies it as such. According to Zippia, an estimated 155 million shoppers took advantage of the tremendous retail sales that swept the country last year. This year, the numbers are surely not meant to wane. Of course, Arctix couldn’t miss out on the fun.

As the old proverb goes, the early bird gets the worm. Consider us a new Avian species as our Early Black Friday sales begin this Wednesday 11/16 (Yes! That early), and last until Tuesday, 11/22. Our Black Friday sales pick up without hesitation on Wednesday, 11/23, and last until Friday. We’ll take a day break (you know, to actually focus on family time) and the sale festivities will continue for Cyber Monday starting on Sunday 11/27 to 11/28. 

Now that you have a blueprint of our Black Friday schedule, another question lingers: Where does one start? As you know, Arctix boasts some of the best winter clothing in the business. With the colder seasons following Black Friday and Thanksgiving, what better opportunity to acquire some of the finest offerings we have? 

Below, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite must-have winter clothing and accessories from Arctix that certainly have a place in your cart. To make things better, everything will be 20% off. 

Arctix Winter

Your Winter Staple Wardrobe: Building a New One, or Simply Updating 

Staple wardrobe this, staple wardrobe that. What is a staple wardrobe? For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it essentially describes the pieces in your closet that are essential. They are the bread and butter of your fashionable endeavors. For the winter, think of your standard coat, heat tech pants, and base layers. These things will never go out of fashion, and usually, their purpose is to be more practical than fashionable. 

Think of Arctix as your one-stop shop for your staple winter wardrobe. Start with the base layers. Men and Women should stock up on a few Powerbase Crewnecks ($35 USD) and a set of Dynamic Base Layer Pants ($35 USD). You’ll then want asses your winter wardrobe needs. Are you in need of a coat? Perhaps a mid-layer? Well, you’re in the hands of the right brand. For Men, might we suggest the classic Men’s True Puffer Jacket ($70 USD) and for Women, the Gondola Women’s Insulated Jacket ($100 USD). These coats are reliable for colder temperatures and, for those who are concerned with aesthetics, seamlessly mix and match with other garments. And how could one forget about pants? To complete your staple wardrobe, be sure to pick up a pair of Essential Snow Pants available for both Men and Women ($48).

Go Big and Go Bold! 

Now that the classics are out of the way, it’s time to have a bit of fun. While Black Friday is certainly a wonderful opportunity to stock up on winter wardrobe basic needs, it’s also prime time to indulge in winter clothing that’s not so, well, subtle. 

Shoppers are often weary about buying clothing that’s too bold, too colorful, or too wild for fear that they might not get a good amount of wear. But, when the price tag is slashed down a bit, we say, why not? While the purpose of them is to be subtle, camouflaged clothing can be a bit of a statement in situations outside of the wilderness. Take this Performance Tundra Jacket ($100) and matching Camo Insulated Cargo Pants ($55) for example. Not only are they equipped with all the practical elements – like keeping you warm and being water resistant – but they are also sure to make you look utterly cool. While Camo for women is on its way to Arctix, fret not – Arctix women already have a large array of options for bold coats. There’s the floral version of the Gondola Insulated Jacket ($108) and the photographic rose print version. Feeling fierce? Channel that energy with our Leopard Print Daybreak Insulated Jacket ($95). 

Arctix Winter Kids

Going Somewhere? The Slopes, Perhaps? 

Big Ski trip coming up? Are Vail, Breckenridge, or Jackson Hole on your travel itinerary for the season? If so, Black Friday sales at Arctix are sure to be your best friend. Stock up on ski and winter accessories: it’s balaclavas, gloves, goggles, neck gaiters, galore! 

Our Women’s Downhill Gloves ($35) are ideal for winter sporting events as they not only excel at keeping your hands warm but are also equipped with zipper pockets for storage. The men’s snowcat gloves ($35), too, are an excellent choice to stock up on. They’re built with an adjustable wrist belt and ribbed cuff making them extra grippy and perfect for those channeling their inner Shaun White. Best not to forget about Snow Goggles ($35) which will keep the beaming sun out of your eyes with their reflective and anti-fog lenses. Balaclavas ($20) will keep your head and neck warm (think base layer for your head) and are not a want, but a need for those who will spend all day in the snow. 

To finish your Black Friday winter clothing shopping spree, perhaps new footwear will do. For every day, the Men’s Half Pipe Winter boot ($65) is a wonderful option. The boot is made from ultra-warm construction and rugged-sole boots for icy situations. For women, consider the Chalet Winter boots ($75). Trust us, when there’s heavy snowfall you’ll pray that you had these as they are both waterproof and warm.


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