Coats, Gloves, Goggles, Oh My! Arctix’s Holiday Gift Guide

Arctix Holiday Gift Guide

Coats, Gloves, Goggles, Oh My! Arctix’s Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of holiday cheer, festive spirits, and a seemingly endless amount of shopping. For most, Christmas is not a one-day thing. Sure, there’s that special day reserved for family. But, let’s not forget about the company holiday parties, white elephant exchanges with friends, and holiday dinners. The one-day holiday suddenly turns into one that lasts for two weeks (in the most extreme cases). Whatever your holiday plans look like, perhaps the most challenging part of it is also the best: figuring out what to give to others. After all, that’s what the holidays are about, right? 

The key to holiday shopping is to know your audience. A photo album for the sentimental friend here, a new cookbook for those best on the grill there. Practical gifts are always great, too. For the handyman of the house, perhaps an upgraded toolbox will do. For those who love to decorate, a cashmere throw will never disappoint. 

Whether you’re shopping for someone in need of a winter wardrobe update, a serious athlete, or someone who just loves to approach the winter slopes with style, Arctic covers. Below, we’ve curated a holiday guide that outlines the perfect products for a certain type of person to make holiday shopping that much easier. 

Arctix Holiday Gift Guide

For Those in Need of A Winter Wardrobe Update 

This is the first profile on our list simply because essentials are everything. One can also never go wrong with a new coat, winter gloves, or pants– whatever it may be. For those in need of a coat, that’s both stylish and practice, both the Women’s insulated Daybreak jacket ($95 USD) or the men’s Tundra Performance Jacket ($90 USD). Both do the wonderful of keeping the receiver warm and matching all other pieces of clothing. Let's not forget the children, either. If you’re thinking of gifting the children in your life a coat, consider our Kid’s Jackelope Insulated coat ($70 USD). 

Often, winter pants are put on the back burner. Not anymore. Help keep your loved ones extra warm by giving them the Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pant ($50 USD) or Women’s Snow Sports Cargo Pant ($50 USD). Flexible and warm, both sets of pants are ideal for those who are especially looking to have some fun in the snow. For the kids, opt into their version of the Kids Cargo Snow Pant ($ 45 USD) so they, too, can join in on the fun. 

One can never go wrong with giving the gift of baselayers to those that love to spend outside on the slopes. The Men’s Dynamic Baselayer and Crew Neck Top ($38 USD) and Women’s Power Base Layer Crewneck Top ($38 USD) are two great options that are slim-fitting with superior warmth and moisture-wicking ability to keep your body heat contained. Pair these women’s base layer pants ($30 USD) and Men’s dynamic base layer pants ($35 USD) for extra warmth and flexibility. They’re also extremely versatile as they can be worn while on the slopes, or under a pair of jeans while cruising around the town. 

Arctix Holiday Gift Guide

For Those Who Want to Stand Out

After the essentials are taken care of, the fun comes in. Odds are, your friends and family aren’t going to invest in loud statement pieces on their own. This is where you can come in by giving the gift of patterns. Our Men’s Camo Ozark Pullover ($120 USD)  is a great spin on classic camouflage and does just the job as keeping you are warm as it does keeping you looking cool. But, classic camouflage is never a bad option. Consider gifting the men in your life our Men’s Camo Performance Tundra Jacket ($100 USD) and matching pants, Men’s Camo SnowSport Insulated Cargo Pants ($55 USD). Together, the receiver of this gift is sure to look like the coolest one on the slopes. While camoflouge for women are working their way to our site, we still have a plethora of options that will keep the women in our life standing out. While our Women’s Gandola Insulate jacket ($108 USD) comes in the basic colors such as white, black, and gray, why not offer gift the jacket in other fun colors such as photo rose print, tropic ski print, or even plum? 

Lastly, kids hardly want to stay in neutral colors. And why should they? They’re all about fun and sticking out. Offer our Kid’s Jackalope Insulated winter jacket ($60USD)  in fun colors like leopard white and starflake blue. Our Kid’s Fast Lane Insulated Winter Jacket ($65 USD) is also offered in fun, colorful styles. Regardless of which you choose for the kids in your life, these two are sure to keep them stylish and warm. 

For The Winter Athletes  

For those who are hitting the slopes following the holidays– whether it be Aspen, Vail, Gstaad– there’s one form of gift that will forever be useful: accessories. Odds are, you’re friend or family member who hits the slopes already has a basic coat, or warm pants. But, accessories experience a fair share of wear and tear, so why not help update them? 

Gloves are always a good start. While there are several you can choose from, you’ll want to give the gift of grip to the winter athletes. Our Men’s Snowcat Gloves ($35 USD) are equipped with superior warmth and durability. Our Women’s Downhill Gloves ($35 USD) offer the same. For those who need to update their footwear, our Men’s Channel Winter Boot ($68 USD) is great for those heading out to the snowy slopes. Built for tough weather, these rugged boots offer ThermaTech insulation and a waterproof liner to keep you warm and dry. For women, our Women’s Aerial Winter boot ($55 USD) are easy to move in and make sure to keep your feet warm and dry while trekking through the snow. Last but not least, consider gifting goggles for the holidays. They double as essentials, and our Adult Ski Goggles ($50 USD) do the perfect jobs of reflecting the sun out of wearer’s eyes.


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