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Arctix Spring and Summer Gear

There’s a lot of different signs to tell you that spring has officially sprung. Blooming flowers. Warming temperatures. Longer days. Even the return of (unfortunately) allergy season. But, there’s one sign of spring that you’re sure to notice whether you like it or not: The rain.

Whether you love the rain or hate it, almost everyone can agree that there’s no way to get through springtime without proper preparation for some precipitation. Maybe you’ve been caught on your commute without a rain jacket for that light afternoon shower – or, even worse, you weren’t prepared for a sudden downpour and had your entire outfit for the day get drenched.

While spring weather can at times be unpredictable, having a supply of good gear is one of the best ways to keep you ready. Whether it’s a compact rain jacket that you can keep in the car on the go, or a full bib for when you have to begrudgingly trek out into stormy weather.

If you’ve realized that you’re missing some crucial spring accessories – or have realized that your current spring wardrobe just isn’t cutting it, Arctix has plenty of spring clothing options to keep you and your whole family dry all season long. From fleece lined rain jackets for windy, wet weather, to rain pants for outdoor activity, here are some of the best ways to stay dry during April showers with Arctix’s spring 2023 rain gear.

Arctix Women’s Rain Gear

Preparing for transitional weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your wardrobe. Arctix’s line of women’s rain gear has plenty of options to keep your exterior dry and stylish. (And, not to mention, to protect your outfit from getting ruined before you even get to your destination.)

Arctix’s women’s rain jackets are especially great options for your spring wardrobe – offering both lightweight options and more rugged protection. The Women’s River Rain Jacket is an especially versatile choice – with a nylon exterior and mesh liner that is both protective and breathable. If you know that you’re heading into especially wet weather, then the Women’s Brook Rain Jacket may be your new go-to. With a rubberized exterior and adjustable hood, the Brook Rain Jacket offers extra waterproofing to let the rain roll off your back. (Literally.)

Of course, sometimes staying dry isn’t your only concern during spring weather. If you’re in an especially chilly climate, then the Women’s Valley Fleece Lined Rain Jacket offers two-for-one protection – with a water resistant shell and fleece lining to keep you cozy.

But don’t just leave the water protection for your jacket. After all, when windy and rainy climates combine, you might find your entire outfit getting drenched – not just from overhead. Luckily, the Women’s River Rain Pants are the perfect layer for on-the-go protection. The nylon pull-on pants can easily go over another layer or be worn on their own, allow you to stride and splash with ease.

Arctix Men’s Rain Gear

Whether you’re trekking into the outdoors or just heading to work, having a proper rain jacket is crucial. And it’s just as important to make sure that your jacket is fit for your specific needs. The Arctix Men’s Storm Rain Jacket is a great everyday, lightweight layer that is both protective and breathable with a nylon exterior and back vents.

If you’re looking for something a bit heavier for those wet, windy storms, then the Men’s Squall Fleece Lined Rain Jacket will keep you dry and warm no matter the conditions. With its nylon shell and plush fleece interior, you’ll feel cozy and prepared as you step out the door.

If you’re getting ready for a downright downpour, then it’s time to consider maximum waterproofing. Luckily, the Men’s Hail Rain Jacket has a rubberized exterior that’s both rugged and breathable so that you can keep dry from both the rain and sweat.

Of course, sometimes a serious storm requires full-body coverage. Whether you’re heading out for an outdoor activity, or just have an outfit that you want to keep dry underneath another layer, the Men’s Hail Rain Bib has you covered. (Pun intended.) The step-in bib is rubberized to maximize your waterproof protection, while offering adjustable suspenders and a chest pocket.

Arctix Kids’ Rain Gear

As difficult as it might be to keep yourself dry in the rain, it’s often even harder to keep kids from getting their clothes drenched and muddy. And, while nothing can really stop a determined child from stomping their way through puddles or rolling around in the mud, you can at least keep some extra layers on them to keep their clothes as dry and clean as possible.

The Kids Stream Rain Jacket is a great everyday option for kids – whether they’re outdoors playing or just heading to school. The jacket’s nylon exterior has a high-tech waterproof coating to keep water off, and its adjustable cuffs and hood will keep out both water and wind.

Kids seem to have a penchant for stomping their way through rainy weather. If you’ve cleaned one too many pair of muddy pants, then the Arctix Kids Stream Rain Pants are a great layer for your kids. The pull-on pants have an elastic waist, making it easy to throw them over as an extra layer before sending your kids out to play in the rain.

Last but not least, Arctix has the Kids Aspen Rain Bib to truly cover all of your needs. With a rubberized exterior, adjustable suspenders, and pull-on styling, this bib is the perfect coverall layer to throw on your kids before they head out into muddy weather. Plus, it’s machine washable, so you can just throw it in the washer without worrying about mud tracking throughout the house.


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