Spring Is Here: Shop Rain and Spring Gear

Spring Is Here: Shop Rain and Spring Gear

However pleasant springtime may be, it’s no secret that spring can also be a season of curveballs. As the old saying goes, March comes “in like a lion and out like a lamb,” officially transitioning us from the cold winter to the warm spring. But April is also a transitional period, as we remind ourselves time and time again with the rhyme “April showers bring May flowers.”

But, there’s no reason to white knuckle your way through spring storms just waiting for those random days of warm, pleasant weather. In fact, with the right gear, you can totally embrace springtime weather in all its forms – whether it’s making your way through a downpour, or heading out for a hike in morning chill that turns into a sweltering afternoon.

If you’re looking for proper rain and spring gear, then you’re in the right place. Arctix has a wide assortment of spring gear to keep you covered, cool, and cozy. As you trade in those bulky ski coats, snow boots, and gloves for rain jackets, rain boots, and other spring gear, head over to Arctix’s Spring 2023 collection to check off all of your needs.

Arctix Spring and Summer Gear

Arctix Rain Gear

If there’s one item that’s worth the investment come spring, it’s finding a high quality and reliable rain jacket. There’s a good chance you’re no stranger to realizing after a spring downpour begins that you don’t have any rain jackets in your closet. Or, arguably even worse, investing in a rain jacket that doesn’t provide proper coverage – or isn’t breathable and leaves you soaked in sweat instead of rain.

Well, have no fear: Arctix has plenty of rain gear to keep you and the whole family dry this spring.

The Women’s River Rain Jacket, priced at $50.00, is 100% nylon with a mesh liner and advanced weather protection technology. Plus, with a back vent and an adjustable hood and cuffs, you’ll be totally covered from rain while maintaining the perfect temperature. This jacket is perfect for sun showers and other temperate weathers.

The Men’s Squall Fleece Lined Rain Jacket, priced at $60.00, is another great option for springtime’s ever-changing climate. Just like spring sees plenty of warm weather showers, it also has those “still feels like winter” downpours as well. And the only thing worse than getting wet in the rain is getting wet in a cold rain. Luckily, the Squall Fleece Lined Rain Jacket offers multiple forms of coverage – its water repellant, wind resistant nylon shell fighting off the rain while its 100% polyester plush fleece interior keeps you warm and cozy.

And don’t forget the kids! There’s a good chance your kids will be the least deterred in your family from a spring storm. After all, who cares about getting wet and muddy when you’re young? Luckily, with Arctix’s Kids Stream Rain Jacket, you can let your kids go play and relish in the beauty of spring without stressing over them getting drenched. Priced at $48.00, the Kids Stream Rain Jacket offers a nylon shell with weather protection coating. Plus, it’s adjustable hood enclosure and cuffs will be sure to keep your kids bundled no matter how active they are in the rain and wind.

Some other great options for women’s rain gear are the Women’s Valley Fleece Lined Rain Jacket – which is perfect for the transition from winter to spring with its thermal fleece lining. The Women’s River Rain Pants are great for throwing over your layers on the go, water-protecting your outfit without slowing down your mobility.

As for men’s rain gear, there are a variety of items depending on your activity and climate. The Men’s Hail Rain Bib is a great option if you need full-body coverage – especially if you’re heading out for an outdoor sport or activity during a rainy day. The Men’s Storm Rain Jacket is a great lighter alternative to the Squall Fleece Lined Rain Jacket. Plus, the Men’s Storm Rain Pants are a great layer to add to your outfit for extra protection.

The Kids Aspen Rain Jacket is another great option for more rugged, thermal coverage for your kids with a rubberized exterior and a jersey lining. The Kids Aspen Rain Bib is especially great for throwing over your kids outfit while out and about – with an easy on/off that makes it perfect for throwing on for outdoor play on the go. Plus, the Kids Stream Rain Pants are a comfy, practical extra layer for your little ones with an elastic waistband and mesh lining.

Arctix Spring and Summer Gear

Arctix Spring Gear

Of course, the spring isn’t all rain. As we welcome warmer temps and longer days, Arctix has plenty of other items for your springtime activities – whether you’re heading out camping, or just hanging in the yard.

As the sunshine inspires more of us to get outside and move, Arctix has especially great warm weather activewear.

The Arctix Women’s Momentum Skort is the perfect item for maintaining a balanced lifestyle – whether you’re getting active or just lounging in athleisure. The four-way stretch and ThermaLock quick-dry fabric are great for getting your sweat on. And its sleek pockets make it ideal for wearing it on the go. Plus, the Women’s Dynamic ¼-Zip Base Layer Top is especially great for springtime activity – offering a layer of warmth while also being lightweight with moisture-wicking material.

Likewise, the Arctix Men’s Cliff Hiking Short balances fitness and lifestyle with its elastic waist, lightweight fabric, and cargo-style pockets. And nothing says outdoorsy athleisure quite like the Men’s Summit L/S Camp Shirt. With ThermaLock water repellency, breathable but insulated material, and ultraviolet protection, this camp shirt will keep you ready for whatever a day outdoors has in store for you.

So, this year, don’t let transitional springtime weather rain on your parade. Brace the rainy weather with protective gear, and embrace the sunshine with breathable, transitional gear. With Arctix’s rain and spring gear, you’ll be able to relish in all of forms of spring weather.


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