Thousands of New Arctix Dakota Project Cold Weather Apparel Distributed Across the Country

NEW YORK – Over 3,500 more Arctix Dakota Project cold weather apparel items were delivered and distributed across the United States, with two major distribution events taking place in Colorado and Montana. Through the Dakota Project, Zeldin Cares and Arctix have been working to distribute over 108,000 apparel items this winter worth over $5.2 million.

Just under $80,000 worth of apparel was shipped to Streetscape Peer Support and Outreach, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to effective solutions that end homelessness in Boulder, Colorado. On Friday, February 9, over 300 homeless and low income members of the community came to receive apparel at a distribution event. Director and Founder of Streetscape, Jennifer Livovich, was a member of the Boulder homeless population for 5 years before turning her life around and giving back to those in need.

In Montana, Zeldin Cares and Arctix shipped several hundred articles of clothing, including coats, boots, and pants, to Angels in Camo. This group serves homeless and low income veterans in Great Falls, Montana.

“The Arctix Dakota Project is in full force. What started as an idea from my teenage daughter, Dakota, to do her part to help others has turned into a massive operation that has distributed roughly 100,000 articles of cold weather apparel throughout this winter. We have worked very hard to provide the gift of warmth to as many Americans in need as possible, and are proud to have partnered with Zeldin Cares and dozens of qualified organizations across the country to fulfill the mission of the Dakota Project,” said Matt Bruderman, Chairman of Arctix.

“The teams at Zeldin Cares and Arctix have been working hard this winter to distribute all apparel in our inventory. We have found great partners across the country who are working with us to execute the Dakota Project, helping us get thousands of apparel items into the hands of those who need it most,” said Lee Zeldin, Chairman of Zeldin Cares.

"Streetscape is incredibly fortunate and honored to partner with Arctix and their new Dakota Project, which donated 3,000 pieces of outerwear for those most in need. As a previously chronically homeless person and frost bite survivor, I know firsthand how something as simple as a jacket and a pair of boots can make the difference between surviving and an emergency room visit or even death. Through our Zeldin Cares and Arctix partnership, we have been able to outfit over 500 individuals and counting either experiencing homelessness or on the verge of experiencing homelessness, with high-quality winter clothing,” said Jennifer Livovich, Founder of Streetscape.

“Angels in Camo is fortunate to be a part of the Dakota Project. What a great opportunity to provide warm quality winter garments to people that really need them, many of whom previously had coats with broken zippers, sometimes even taped together,” said Connie Walter, Founder of Angels in Camo.

The Dakota Project was inspired by Dakota Bruderman, the teenage daughter of Arctix Chairman, Matt Bruderman. To date, the Dakota Project has distributed over 100,000 items to qualified organizations across the country. For more information on the Dakota Project, please visit or


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