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Whether you’re gearing up for winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, or snow-shoeing – or are just getting ready to brave the temperatures in your cold weather climate, having proper winter gear is a must. And, though basics like snow pants, base layers, and jackets are key, having proper accessories is also crucial to keeping warm and active in winter weather.

Maybe you never forget to leave the house without your winter gloves, but realize once you’re out on the slopes that not wearing a neck guard was a massive oversight. Or, maybe snowy conditions are impacting your visibility, when it hits you that those ski goggles or snowboard goggles would’ve been worth the investment. It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared when it comes to winter weather, and keeping a tool belt of accessories on you can be make-or-break – especially when you’re debating whether you can handle a few more runs on the slopes.

The devil is in the details, as they say. And, when it comes to keeping warm in the winter, accessories are non-negotiable. Luckily, along with our selection of staples, Arctix has a plethora of high-quality winter accessories to choose from – whether you’re looking for winter boots for your kids or a stylish balaclava.

With the winter still upon us for some time, now’s the perfect time to stock up on some of the items you might have realized you were sorely missing this season. Here’s a quick look at some of the best winter accessories Arctix has to offer right now.

Arctix gloves


Whether it’s your fingers, toes, or ears, anyone who’s spent a bit too long out in the cold without proper accessories will tell you that your extremities can get cold fast. Investing in a good pair of gloves or mittens can ensure that your hands stay protected while also making sure you’re still able to remain agile in whatever activity you’re doing.

Arctix’s Women’s Downhill Gloves are the perfect winter gloves for women. Insulated and equipped with a zippered pocket, adjustable wrist belt, and gripper palms – the gloves (priced at $35.00 and available in seven colors) provide plenty of warmth without compromising functionality.

Looking for some ski gloves for the kids? The Kids Freestyle Mittens (priced at $28.00) have kid-friendly velcro adjustable cuffs that will make sure you don’t spend the rest of your day on the slopes trying to track down your kid’s missing mitten. Plus, with a comfy fleece interior, grippy palms, and nine fun colors, your kids are sure to be excited with their gear, too. Arctix also has plenty of glove options for kids – such as the Whiteout Gloves and the Matterhorn Gloves. (Plus, they come in great color options like camo and the North Star print.)

Arctix also has plenty of ski gloves for men. The Men’s Snow Cat Gloves are an especially great option for outdoor activities at night – as the durable gloves offer reflective piping. The gloves are also water resistant with an adjustable wrist belt and gripper palms for ideal function.


Whether you’re looking for extra coverage, or just extra style points, the balaclava is the way to go. Arctix offers two balaclava face masks – a kids balaclava and a balaclava for adults. They are both priced at $20.00 and come in four different colors.

Arctix also offers a balaclava hood for adults and kids, also priced at $20.00 each. The balaclava hood offers extra face and neck covering – as it covers up to ones nose while leaving room for your vision. The hood is made from a SHELL Power Base Layer fabric, and is made with power stretch wicking material and elastic binding around the face. These features make the accessory especially great for cold, windy conditions or physical activity in the cold – as the balaclava is much more secure than a hat or hood.

Neck Guard

Keeping your neck covered in cold environments can be crucial – especially if you’re planning to spend longer hours outside, or are being subjected to windy conditions. A neck guard can be a great way to keep warm while avoiding sometimes-cumbersome accessories like love scarves.

Arctix offers an adult neck guard for $50.00 and a kids neck guard for $20.00. The adult neck guard comes in blue ridge, waxed navy, charcoal, and black – and uses SHELL power base layer fabric and power stretch wicking material to stay secured and insulated. The kids neck guard comes in blue ridge, fuschia, charcoal, and black, and also includes moisture wicking to ensure that your little ones keep dry and warm no matter the climate or activity.


Visibility is crucial in snowy conditions – especially if you’re whipping through snow while skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

Arctix’s Adult Ski Goggles have all of the features you need to stay secure and agile while on the slopes or anywhere else. The goggles feature a double lens – including an anti-fog lens to prevent condensation from sweat or general fog. The contoured thermos foam along the goggles and adjustable elasticized strap will ensure that your goggles remain secured on your face while also keeping you warm. The $50.00 goggles come in Black and Yellow Revo, Smoke Blue, Orange Revo, or Orange.

Arctix also offers Kids Ski Goggles priced at $40.00. The goggles offer the same technology with a comfy adjustable strap to keep your little ones safe on the slopes. Plus, the goggles come in fun color pairings – such as white and orange revo, fuschia and orange mirror, black and blue revo, or black and yellow.

No matter whether you’re gearing up for a new winter sports season, or just getting ready for some snow day playtime in the yard, Arctix is sure to have you and the whole family covered with high quality winter accessories. Accessorizing is the key to staying safe, warm, and comfortable in cold weather climates – so never underestimate the power of an extra layer, or the convenience of gear like goggles and neck guards.

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