Winter is Coming: How to Gear Up With Arctix

Arctix Winter Gear

While summer is limited to linens and silks, winter is obviously a whole new ordeal. Unlike dressing for the warmer months, a winter wardrobe is by far more intricate and, dare I say, complicated. For starters, there are more parts to a winter wardrobe. While the warmer months call for minimal layering (with the exception of summer suiting), there are many more components to what’s necessary when the weather gets chilly or well below freezing. You’ll need to pay closer attention to the fabrics of your winter wardrobe while also keeping heat technology in mind.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes this winter, or simply just trying to get by during the colder months, you’ll need to follow a certain formula. And, for the fashionistas who are as concerned about their appearance as they are about their warmth, fret-not, Arctix is a treasure trove for stylish winter garments.

Arctix Womens Winter Gear

Winter Base Layers

The base layer is the second skin of your winter wardrobe. The purpose is to keep you warm by absorbing the evaporating sweat to keep you feeling warm. For women, Arctix boasts several performance base layer pieces, such as the Women’s Performance Half Zip Top ($50 USD) and Women’s Power base layer crewneck ($50 USD). Both products excel in heat insulation and work extra hard to keep perspiration away from your skin. Their slim fit makes them tremendously easy to wear under jackets and parkas. For men, the same may be said about the Men’s Power Base Crewneck ($30 USD). But, for those leaning on the sportier side, opt for the Men’s Dynamic Base Crew Neck ($38 USD) as the garment boasts extra warm and extra stretchy fabric allowing you to stay flexible for winter athletics. Kids are certainly not out of the equation too, as the Boys ($30 USD) and Girls' ($28 USD) Power Base Layer Crewneck Tops are made of similar moisture-wicking abilities as the adult versions. To make things more fun, each garment is available in black, blue, or pink.

Middle Layers

Depending on what you’re heading out to do, the middle layer may range from wool turtlenecks to sweatshirts to hoodies. Say, if the weather isn’t too frigid, a cozy fleece vest may suffice. Our Men’s Journey Vest ($50 USD) is ideal for transitional periods and allows you to stay warm without overheating. But, if the temperatures call for more fabric, a full fleece jacket would serve you best. The Men’s Journey Fleece Jacket ($40 USD) is equipped with a warm outer fleece shell and inner fleece lining. Women’s winter clothing at Arctix also comes with water resistance. The Valley Fleece Lined Rain Jacket ($60 USD) does the same job as the aforementioned but takes it up a notch by further protection from the damp elements.

Arctix Winter Jackets and Coats

Winter Jackets and Overcoats

Topping off the upper part of your body are winter jackets and overcoats. Overcoats can be a range of peacoats, car coats, and more made in cashmere, tweed, or wool. But, for more practical purposes and to really keep the winter bitterness out, opt in for padded puffer jackets. For when temperatures reach frigid, or when days are long and filled with winter sports, you’ll want to gear up with the best. Our Men’s Performance Tundra Jacket ($90 USD) is among the best of the best winter jackets. A wonderful marriage of functionality, warmth, and high-tech design, the tundra jacket will be sure you are warm while out in the colder weather. If you are looking to bring the edginess up with your look, don’t shy away from the Camo Performance jacket ($100 USD). Women are certainly not left out of the equation, as Arctix offers the Cascade Insulated Jacket ($100 USD) and Daybreak Insulated Jacket ($88 USD) – two outer layers that are equally as warm as they are chic. For the young ones tagging along, offer them the Frost Insulated Jacket ($65 USD) or Fast Lane Insulated Jacket ($65 USD) for the winter. Both options are sure to keep the kids warm but come with cool designs to make sure that fun is still being had.

Layered Pants

One must not forget about keeping their legs warm during the warmer months, and luckily, there are several options to get the job done. While the base layer still remains, you might want to snag a pair of pants that are padded and multi-layered. This is especially important for those who are planning to hit the slopes. The Snow Cargo Insulated Pants ($55 USD) are ideal for the active bunch who are looking for both warmth and practicality while out in the snow. Stash all your important things into your pockets and shred them away. While Camo pants for the winter are on their way for women, Arctix’s Insulated Snow pants ($48 USD) and Sarah Bonded Fleece-lined Softshell Pants ($60 USD) are two ideal options for both leisure and athletics. For kids, keep them warm by placing them in our Cargo Snow Pants with Articulated Knees ($55 USD) available in multiple colors from lime to formula one red.

Winter Accessories

As they say, love is in the details. And the same applies to winter accessories. They are minor detail that has a grand impact. After all, succumbing to the winter weather does not stop at the head or at the hands. If you’re active, accessories hold an even greater weight as there’s a high possibility that snow could infiltrate your ensemble causing you to get colder quicker. For accessories, you’ll want a set of winter gloves: men’s spade gloves ($50 USD) that are wind resistant and equipped with gripping fabric; women’s downhill gloves ($35 USD); and kid’s whiteout gloves ($30 USD). And, we certainly can’t stop at the hands. Balaclavas are great for snowboarders and skiers as they help keep the wind out from around your head, face, and neck. Our adult’s balaclava ($20 USD) and kid’s ($20 USD) are made out of a super stretchy, ultra-soft fabric.

Arctix Winter Kids Gear


As the winter season quickly approaches and trips to Vail or the Swiss Alps are confirmed, keep the winter wardrobe formula in mind. It’s certainly a lot of pieces to the puzzle, but completion surely won’t be regretted!


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